Cutting Open A 5,000 Year Old Bog Oak Tree

Cutting Open A 5,000 Year Old Bog Oak Tree from youtube by WayOutWest Blowinblog
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As old as Newgrange and the pyramids, these oak trees are awe-inspiring. They were growing here so very long ago on this little piece of land that we call ours - and they’ve been here ever since. What a great reminder that time passes and we will all be gone soon enough.

Bog oak (and pine and yew) is found readily enough all along the west side of Ireland and into the midlands. The forests that covered most of the country didn’t survive the arrival of farming. Occasionally other things are found in the bogs – antlers, bones, the odd human, and belongings of all sorts. The acidic water doesn’t allow much microbial life to survive – so nothing gets eaten. Instead, trees just pickle slowly and turn a rich dark colour. Humans turn leathery.

There isn’t much useful timber in these old trunks – only small pieces separated by cracks and rot. Perhaps there’s enough for jewellery – or maybe violin tuning keys? Any other ideas?