Elsa And Anna Toddlers Bath Time With The Secret Life Of Pets! - Bath time fun with toddler anna and

Elsa And Anna Toddlers Bath Time With The Secret Life Of Pets! - Bath time fun with toddler anna and from youtube by TheToyHeroes
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The Elsa and Anna toddlers are ready for their bath time! Tomorrow is school so toddler Anna and Elsa have to get all clean! But their mom has a surprise for them! They are getting The Secret Life Of Pets toys to play with in the bath! Which will Annya and Elsya get? Annia and Elsia love Buddy and Snowball. They both saw the movie and loved it so much. Frozen Elsa picks snowball because she loves that Secret Life Of Pets character! Frozen Anna picks Buddy because she loves dogs! Anna and Elsa daughters have so much fun in the bath!

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