The Proposal (Letter F Date)

The Proposal (Letter F Date) from youtube by Koi Saetern
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My impression of what "F" date was going to be was waking up early AM to "FLY high" in the sky. Followed by a "Fancy" breakfast and a nice stroll in one of Temecula's most popular "Farmer's markets".

To my surprise Cu had a different plan in mind! He had us wakeup up a "Five" am to "Fly" in a hot air balloon where we'd end up descending low enough for us to see a bunch of ppl holding a "Will you marry me" sign below. The pilot would then land the balloon, let us out and we'd be greeted by all of our "Friends and Family" but.. it didn't happen that way. Instead this is what happened...

When we got close to the sign, our pilot asked if anyone was expecting this. Because no one answered YES he ended up flying us back up into the air. At first I was thinking, Hey this could be for me but then when we flew up my initial thought was "alright alright, this ISN'T for me. Relax KOI! Awwww look how cute they are from up here tho. Poor things went to the wrong balloon" Lol.

As we moved towards our final landing spot I saw the same group of ppl standing with the huge signs above there heads. What are they doing? Why do they keep following us, they have the wrong balloon!" Lol. Oh man was I wrong. We got off and they all ran towards us, that's when I KNEW this was MY proposal OMG!! Cu fix himself up, got down on one knee and asked the famous question. Of course I said YES!!

Talk about a memorable F date! It couldn't have played out any better. I was so shocked even with all the things that almost went wrong, it somehow turned out perfect! Thank you sooo much to all of our friends and family who went out of there way to be a part of our day. It was 100 times even more memorable because you! We love you all so much!

✨Don't choose the one whose beautiful to the world. Choose the one who makes YOUR world beautiful✨. My love, you did such an amazing job in making me feel like the most special person alive. Not just on our "F" date but everyday. I want to say Thank You..For all the memories we've had together, the good, the bad, the ugly, the hella ugly. ALL of it! You make my world a beautiful place and now I get to call you my "Fiancee". Ahhh we are engaged!! 💍🥂👰🏻❤.

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